3 Tips For Not Letting the Weekend Set You Back

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Becoming a Nutrition Coach made me nervous.

I got so wrapped up in all the variables. Being anxious about how I could possibly know enough of the science to help each person. While each person, their story, their goals, and their needs are unique, we all share a lot of similarities. And one of the biggest things I hear when someone sits down with me is, “I do really well during the week. But then I have trouble on the weekends.”

I can now comfortably say that I have heard this from 90% of clients within the first few minutes of talking to them. And not only clients. Members of the gym or friends and family that want some tips at a family function always lead in with, “I do great during the week, but…”

Then when we circle up Monday morning or ask people their weekly goals in our FB group, it leads to comments like, “I need to make up for/ sweat out this weekend.” Or I will hear, “ I did so well last week and messed up this weekend. So I need to get back to where I was.”

I mean, sure. Weekends are hard. We get out of our routine. We have parties and events and social obligations and you shouldn’t feel totally restricted anyway! Yes, as a nutrition coach, I am telling you to enjoy yourself. Crazy? Maybe. But that brings up what I wanted to talk about (I know, FINALLY).

Today I wanted to give you a few tips for still enjoying your weekend without feeling totally deprived or like you’re constantly making up for your choices.


This past Sunday, I went out for breakfast. I got a breakfast burrito and it was delicious. It was probably cooked in oils I don’t want to think about and full of cheese, bacon, and hashbrowns. Yes, I added some healthy things. But mostly, it was cheesy and delicious. So I ate it slowly. I’m really bad (despite talking to clients about distraction free eating) at shoveling my food down like someone is trying to steal it. My siblings are much older, so not sure where that came from, but it has been a hard habit to break. That’s why, when I go out to eat and decide to indulge, I make it a point to slow down. Not only have I enjoyed my meal and the company more, but I don’t end up overeating.

On Sunday, I did not finish the burrito. I could have, but I didn’t.


I used to be really uncomfortable saying, “No thanks” when I was out. I would leave the house and not want to drink, end up having 3 glasses of wine, and be mad at myself later. I would let people comment and joke about the cake messing up my “gainz” and so to prove that I wasn’t so tightly wound, I would eat the cake I didn’t even really want (although, in general, I really love cake). It’s one thing if you go out and change your mind and make the conscious decision to indulge, but it’s another to change your mind because of what others are saying.

When I went to my godson’s birthday party, I didn’t know the cake situation, so I wasn’t sure if I would want to indulge. He had brownies, so I decided that I could pass, and when people kept asking why I didn’t want one and telling me that I could “afford to eat it” I just said thanks, but I was good. Before I would have caved and eaten it to make everyone happy, but I honestly didn’t want it, so I didn’t have it.

Ok. I not only would have caved in the past, but I probably would have eaten 2. Feels good to get that off my chest.


Final piece of advice. And I think this is the most important. I’ll get to it, but I want to paint the picture first. Just deal with it.

You’re at Jazz Fest. Maybe Saturday AND Sunday. Maybe you worked out one of those days, maybe you didn’t, this part isn’t super important. But you ate. Dear lord, did you eat. You ate it all. The crawfish monica, the crawfish beignets, the crawfish bread. Basically if it had a crustacean, cheese, and starchy carbohydrates, you were all over it. And you probably topped it off with a mango freeze and a few Abitas.


You aren’t going to make up for enjoying your weekend by doing a 3 days juice cleanse or eating 200 calories the next day. No matter what, you are probably going to feel a little off kilter for a few days. So instead of throwing your body even more out of whack, just get back to normal. If you usually eat eggs and oatmeal for breakfast, eat that on Monday. I know it sucks to hear that there is no wand I can wave to make that bloated feeling go away, but I promise if you just get back to the things that regularly make you feel good, you will after a couple days.

*WITH THAT BEING SAID* It all boils down to giving your weekends just like 5% more thought. Either plan them out just a little more or make a decision to indulge and enjoy it. It really is that easy, I promise.



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