5 Things You Should Know About Hippie Kitchen NOLA

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Roux Fitness has been open for 5 years now and we love our spot!

But one thing we have been missing in our neighborhood is tasty and healthy food that is close by and is something we feel good about promoting to our members.

Enter Hippie Kitchen.

Located just blocks from us, Hippie Kitchen offers incredible food with great ingredients that we not only love to eat, but is somewhere we tell our members about and encourage them to try!

We have been extra excited lately because one of the owners, Sara Bandurian, and her husband recently joined the Roux Krewe. When we talked to Sara a little more about what makes this restaurant special, she gave us her top 5 things everyone should know about Hippie Kitchen:

1. We have gardens in Old Jefferson where much of our produce comes from! Our head garden guru Zach, also known as “Farm”, tends to the plants and brings in produce daily—creole tomatoes, carrots, kale, string beans, basil, figs, citrus, and more. We welcome our neighbors to bring in produce from their gardens too!

2. All of our food is prepared in house! We smoke our meats, create alcohol infusions for the bar, prepare fresh pizza dough daily, and bake our breads and desserts from scratch. We believe fresh ingredients are key to creating delicious dishes.

3. We cater too! Whether you’re hosting a party, feeding employees at an office meeting, or have another future event, we can tailor our services to your needs. Our catering menu is available on our website, www.hknola.com. E-mail us at chefhknola@gmail.com or visit the restaurant to find out how we can make your next event a success!

4. There are over 70 paintings filling our dining room walls, and all are done by one of our founders, Wayne Greiner. As a New Orleans native who lived in San Francisco for many years, you’ll see inspiration from both places in his art. It’s not uncommon to find Wayne in the sketching a new art idea in the dining room and he’s always excited to talk to you about the inspiration behind each piece.

5. We have a Community Calendar on our websitewww.hknola.com, with upcoming events taking place at our restaurant! Keep an eye out for free monthly yoga classes coming soon!