Bradley 1:2

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CrossFit Roux 2 – CrossFit


*Quick Circle, please have warm up completed 18-20 minutes before the hour.

Metcon (No Measure)

2 Rounds Not for Time

Quadruped Crawl LOF

Plank Lateral Crawl 1/2 LOF per side


*Allow 15 minutes for strength.

Must be completed with 30 minutes left in class in order to complete metcon in time.

DB Incline Bench Press (4 x 8 (40X0) :45 second rest between sets.)

The rep starts at the top, 4 second descent, 0 rest, explode up, 0 second rest between reps.

*Do all DB Bench Press before starting Pull-ups

Wide Grip Strict Pull-ups (5-5-5 (21X2) :45 second rest between sets.)

*Scale up with a DB between the feet but make sure to keep the temp.

*Scale down using a band.

*Scale down further with 10 Wide Grip PVC Lat Pulls

*Tempo is 2 second descent, 1 second rest at the bottom, explode up, 2 second hold with chin over the bar.


*25 minute Time Cap

Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds

800m Run

10 DB Snatch R (all on the right)

10 DB Snatch L (all on the left)

15 Strict Toe to Rings

RX: 50/35

Scaled: Strict Leg Raises on the Rings as high as possible.