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Dear Member: An Open Letter From Your Coach

By August 23, 2019 No Comments

Hey sunshine.

Before I say anything else, I want to start this by saying “Thank You”. You allow me to do what I love. I get to come to work, to move, to dance, encourage, to teach, to help you have fun, and to help you tune out the world for 1 hour and focus on yourself. I am honored that you continually put your trust in me and am honored and excited to be a part of your journey.

But as your coach, there’s a few things I want to clear up. Because I like you and want you to come in and always have the best time and get the most out of each hour we spend together.

You don’t need to apologize to me.

Well. I mean, you might. If you accidentally hit me with a barbell.

But what I mean is, it’s your workout! I don’t care if you finish first or last. I don’t care if you are the only one in class. So don’t apologize to me for “being slow” or “holding you up”. I am here for you. I care that you showed up and did the work. That looks different for every person everyday and some days it is REALLY hard to get to the gym.

And if you need to change something? That’s fine. That’s PART OF MY JOB. If you have to row instead of running because you have shin splints, we’re cool. You go kick ass on that rower. If you need to use dumbbells instead of a barbell because it’s better for your shoulder, you got this! I just want you to move and I would much rather you make adjustments and stay in class than hang out on the side to workout because you are worried about making a modification.

But I’m proud of you for making it. For making time for yourself.

You can ask me questions.

This kind of goes along with apologizing, but don’t be nervous about “bothering” me for questions. We try to keep eyes on everyone at all times, but there are often a lot of bodies in class and if you feel unsure of something, grab me or another coach. If you want us to watch your form on something, you don’t need to ask twice. We truly want you to get better.

And if you need to change something? We can change whatever, you just have to communicate. I would much rather you tell me before we start a workout that a movement hurts or is uncomfortable and we may need to adjust weight or the movement before, than you try to power through and hurt yourself because you thought that stopping me earlier would inconvenience me.

It’s funny because we really are a family here, but when we are in class, I still have my coach hat on. And you are not inconveniencing me. I swear.

I just want you to do the work.

Remember when I said I don’t care when you finish? I mean it. Even if you have to modify it.

I care that you showed up and that you are trying to be 1% better than the day before.

The workouts are well thought out. Movements and reps are picked with care and everyday is meant to present a new challenge for you to conquer. When you cut those short to try to finish ahead of everyone else, I don’t get mad. But I just want you to know it won’t help you get better. And I want you to get better.

We’ve all let ego get in the way, believe me. But just come in and do the work. Sometimes you’ll get time capped. Sometimes your legs will feel like lead and the runs feel impossible. Other days your arms just stop wanting to arm in a push up. It’s fine. Just do the work.  Some days you will wonder why something feels so hard and you might even acknowledge that it would be easy just to not do those last 5 wall balls so you can finish. But then you’re missing the point! The cool thing about how we workout here at Roux is that it’s always meant to be hard. You just get better, but it should always be a challenge. There are always ways to grow and push yourself. In fact, it never should get “easy”. You can just do more, and hopefully you have more fun.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again, I just care that you show up and you finish what you can do. 

And that’s really it.

I’m here to be your coach, your cheerleader, your friend. I want you to show up, to ask questions, to put in the work. I will always do my best to keep you safe, keep you calm when you feel stressed, and push you when it feels impossible. I will keep the music loud and the high fives abundant. 

Let’s get after it and make the most of it.




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