Gym Updates in Response to COVID-19

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Roux Krewe,

As you all know, the current environment is ever changing related to COVID-19 containment. We are taking extreme measures behind the scenes to keep you all safe. We realize that during this time having a focus on your fitness is a GOOD thing, not only for your health but for your sanity.  Gyms around the country are closing, and we’re trying to avoid that for as long as possible. We will continue to have our doors open until future notice, but a few things are changing immediately.

We’ve been advised by the doctors in our community to increase the measures we’ve already taken.

Starting tomorrow, only 12 members will be allowed in the gym at a time in addition to Roux Staff. This is 12 total people, not 12 people per class. Core 6 will be limited to 5 people so we can skip a bag in between people.

We’re moving to 45 minute time slots beginning at 5:15AM that will be available throughout the day to accommodate the highest number of people possible.

All reservations to do CrossFit, Sculpt, or OLY will need to be made under CrossFit in WODify, although you are able to do the programming for whatever class you’d like.

There will be a coach there to explain the workout for every time slot.

Reservations in WODify will open at 8PM the night prior for AM time slots and 6AM the same day for PM time slots.  All current reservations will be wiped clean. 

We ask that you all be courteous to the fellow members.

Please refrain from reserving multiple time slots in a day.  If you want to be on the gym floor and do your own workout, you are welcome but please sign up for a time to do so.

Please only reserve time slots that you will attend.  If late cancellations or no shows become a problem, we will have to start charging a fee to those individuals as it’s not fair to the members who respected the limit and didn’t show up because they couldn’t reserve.

In addition to this, we will start offering home workouts beginning tomorrow.  These will be offered in WODify.

Please do not come to the gym if you feel sick, if you’re running a fever, or if you are higher risk to become sick from the virus.

Please wash your hands before and after working out.  Please continue to wipe down your equipment.

Most of all, stay safe.  It’s time to come together as a community to each do our part to ease the burden on hospitals and healthcare workers. We hope these measures will seem extreme in the coming weeks, and we also hope that every action we take now will make a difference.

If you have concerns or questions about the plan, please send an email to Emily@Roux.Fitness or Bradley@Roux.Fitness.


Love & Strength,

Roux Fitness

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