In the Kitchen With Bradley

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Bradley Schneller is the “visionary” at Roux. He seems to have a million ideas at once and his brain works seems to always be going. Because of this he is always growing and learning, trying new things and tracking data. When something works though, he is incredibly good at forming a new habit. 

After years of experimenting with his nutrition to see what makes him feel and perform at his best a few things have stuck. One of those is his lunch. You’ve probably heard about his giant salads that he has EVERYDAY, but we bet you didn’t know the “method behind the madness”, so to speak. Check out what he eats everyday and why in his own words.

“I fast every day until about noon, only having black coffee and water.

I originally started this as a fat burning technique based off of the writings of many ancestral health experts but it eventually evolved into just what I do. My body just feels good that way. I tend to be really hungry in the evening despite whether or not I’ve eaten breakfast (believe me, it’s been experimented with a lot) so I might as well save the calories in the morning if I’m not hungry. I also truly enjoy the way my body feels on an empty stomach in the morning. I don’t change my morning eating habits based off of my workout schedule, so typically I workout in the afternoon. However, on the days that my schedule dictates me working out in the morning, I still fast. I also feel really accomplished when I crush a difficult endurance workout totally fasted.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Sisson, author of the “Primal Blueprint” and the “21 Day Keto Reset”, and he got me really fixated on big salads. Giant bowls of lettuce, other veggies, some fat, and some protein.

Some of the contents vary, but the base for every big salad of mine is:

Romaine (because, FACT: I hate pretty much every other form of lettuce), red onions, cashews, Whisps (or any sort of baked Parmesan), a clean dressing (either primal kitchen or the one in the picture), tuna, and sardines. This is my daily lunch. I choose this because it’s easy, I enjoy it, the flavors change with the dressing that day, and it gives me all of the sustenance I require until dinner.  Days when I know I’m lifting heavy in the afternoon, I’ll pack more protein in the salad by going double on the canned fish. Sardines or Tuna. (Also not all Sardines are created equal but if you were going for pure health, you choose sardines over tuna due to mercury levels and some other small factors). Sometimes I add avocado, banana peppers, and dates.

I find the key to me keeping my diet in check is daily habits. My big salad is my daily habit and also my mental break from whatever I’m doing that day.

Keys are:

  1. It’s easy.
  2. It’s good.
  3. Flavors can change with dressing for variety.”



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