Patience, Persistence, & Why You Need Both To Reach Your Goal

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We recently asked members to think back to when they first started CrossFit or maybe when they joined Roux.

Can you picture it? Good. Now ask the question:

“If you could tell yourself something back when you started training, what would it be?”

This is a pretty thought-provoking question. And what was interesting about the responses is that none of them involved anything tangible. Not a single person talked about expectations in terms of what you can accomplish looking at the numbers. And while there were some differences here and there, a great deal of the answers boiled down to two things: be persistent and have patience.

To accomplish almost any goal you set for yourself, whether it be inside the gym or outside of it, you need those two things always. You must have persistence and you must be patient. Patient with yourself.

Lasting results take time. You’ve probably heard or seen us talk about how we approach nutrition coaching. We make small, sustainable changes, to create lifelong healthy habits. And in a world where the answers to almost anything are instantly in the palm of your hand, time feels like the enemy. But guess what? You have to make small changes in habit now so that you can reap the rewards later.

And let’s be super honest, you will leave the gym more days than not feeling like you failed or actively didn’t do anything to progress forward or makes steps closer to your goal. You don’t hit PR’s everyday. I know this is shocking information, but I said it. This is where persistence comes in. Failure feels like a step in the wrong direction. But I would venture to say that the days we fail, we learn a lot more about ourselves than the days we succeed. Not always, but more often than we care to admit.

And oftentimes a lack of progress sends us into a tizzy. Making us question why we are even doing this in the first place. All this really is, is an opportunity to re-evaluate our goals and take the next step. Maybe we didn’t PR our back squat, but we did reps under heavy weights and that made us a little bit stronger than last time. Maybe we had a bad meal or two, but this isn’t the end of our progress, and the next meal is a chance to start again.

There’s a great analogy about comparing accomplishing your goals to moving a pile of dirt.

Your goal is to move this big pile of dirt from right here to over there. Some days you make great progress and get wheelbarrows full of dirt moved. Some days you get a few shovels full moved. Other days you might only get a few spoonfuls of dirt moved, or even jut a pinch. But the point is that every day you are moving some dirt from point A to Point B. And that is how you accomplish a goal. You make progress every day towards that goal. Some days are great, big wheelbarrows full and some days are only a smidgeon, but you always move closer. 

You practice patience knowing that the pile will one day be moved to where you want it. And you practice persistence knowing that you have to continue moving the dirt bit by bit to get that pile moved from here to there.

While it’s easier said than done, try keeping this in mind next time you think about your goals. Be patient with yourself and with the process. Know that you are making investments today (even small ones) so that you can one day reap the rewards.

Fall down. Get up. Keep going. And know that we’ll be there to help you up.



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