Roux Fitness Phase 1 Plan

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Roux Krewe,

We hope you are doing well. In the same breath, we want to acknowledge that we may have no real understanding of how the pandemic may be affecting you. So, please accept our wishes for your health and the health of your loved ones during this time.

We are incredibly happy to announce that based on the Governor’s press conference, we are making plans to reopen the gym on Friday, May 15th.

Equipment Return:

If you checked out a piece of our equipment, please return the item during the following times:

Tuesday, May 12 between 11AM- 5PM

Wednesday, May 13 between 8AM-5PM

Thursday, May 14 between 11AM-5PM

If you are unable to return the equipment during those times, please text (504) 608-0726 and arrange another time prior to Friday, May 15th.

All equipment must be returned by Friday, no exceptions.


While we can’t wait until things can go back to normal, we will be taking the following measures to keep our members and staff healthy:


Class Schedule

Classes will be reduced to 45 minutes with 15 minutes in between so we can make sure there is time to wipe down all equipment and allow the prior class time to leave before the next group of people arrives.

The schedule will be as follows:

5:30am Class

6:30am Class

7:30 Open Gym

8:30 Open Gym (10 spots available)

9:30 Class

10:30 Open Gym

12:00 Class

1:00 Open Gym

2:00 Open Gym

3:30 Class

4:30 Class

5:30 Class

6:30 Class


8am, 9am, 10am


8:30am (Endurance)

Core 6:

Open all day, but not led by a coach (limit 3 people)*

*Must bring your own gloves and wraps

Class Size Limit & Registration:

There will be a maximum of 20 athletes permitted on the gym floor at a time. You must reserve for class (under Phase One in WODify) in advance for all available time slots (yes, even for Open Gym).

The sign up window will open 24 hours before the class begins.

For now, there will be one workout programmed, but any movement should be modified to your abilities. All modifications for varying programs, abilities, will be programmed into the singular workout.

We hope this goes without saying, but please be courteous to the other members, and please refrain from reserving multiple time slots during one day.

Remote Programming:

We will continue to offer remote programming for members who don’t feel comfortable coming back to the gym at this time. 4 RemoteRoux workouts programmed per week and will be all bodyweight movements

Virtual Classes:

Will not continue.


Our contract with Dis-in-Fx is still active.  Every surface in the gym is sprayed with a disinfectant and antimicrobial coating every 3 months and tested for germs every month.

Coaches and athletes will be responsible for cleaning equipment between classes. Please only touch equipment you plan on using.

The towel service will be discontinued for now. Please bring your own towel.

Chalk buckets will not be available on the gym floor.  Please bring your own chalk if you need it.

If you have any questions, please contact Emily or Bradley. 




We can’t wait to come together and sweat soon!

-Team Roux

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