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Our members join CrossFit Roux for a variety of reasons: they want to lose body fat, gain muscle mass, live longer, happier and healthier lives. While our coaching staff addresses each goal with a differing strategy, one thing remains the same – if you foster relationships with other members that have similar goals, paint for us a picture of your future self, then we’ll help you get there if you put in the work. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out some of our member success stories below.
  • Kristin Mann

    Since starting at Roux Fitness I have noticed many changes in my body and health! The most important thing is that I finally have my diabetes and all of my other blood work in check! I have been diabetic for about 7 years or so and during that time I have had a little trouble managing it. For many years I was taking two oral medications everyday as well as experimenting with supplemental medications (shots, more oral meds, etc.) A year after starting CrossFit and after 3 different challenges at Roux my A1C (average blood sugar over 3 month period) was low enough that my doctor felt that I didn’t need any of the “extra” medicines anymore and that I could cut my daily medicine in half. I was a little nervous about the change and hoped I could keep up the good eating and exercising even when I wasn’t on challenges.

    A few months ago I went back to the doctor for my annual blood work– I was a little nervous– but when I get my A1C back it was even better than it was before. This made me realize that all of the good things I was doing and the changes I was making were becoming habits and a lifestyle. In addition, my blood work over the past couple of years has been completely transformed! Prior to CrossFit my triglycerides were almost 300 and now they are in the 50s. I had a fatty liver and had liver enzyme numbers near 200 – last checked my liver enzyme numbers were 12 and 17! Finally, I am so much more comfortable in my own skin. My body has always fluctuated between “chubby” and “athletic,” but I hardly ever felt comfortable trying on clothes, etc. For the first time in a long time I feel good when I am shopping for clothes. It makes your life so much easier when you aren’t constantly worried about how you look!

  • Celeste Haar

    My husband and I found Roux back in November 2014. It has not only changed our bodies, but our mentality, our friendship and our relationship. Before Roux we were stuck in a rut of low energy, planting ourselves on the couch for HOURS every night, eating “Healthy-ISH” and not really working on who we were as a couple after 20 years. Since finding Roux, we work out together as much as possible, rarely attending workouts without each other if our schedules allow. We love seeing each other succeed and cheering one another on. We now look forward to spending time together in and out of the gym and live a more active lifestyle. Instead of being home so much we actually have to FIND time when we are going to be home and have downtime. We’ve been welcomed into this wonderful family and our circle of friends has just blossomed. We are looking forward to seeing where our Roux journey leads us.

  • Claire Barry

    In February 2014 I was running on the levee by Roux Fitness and decided to stop in and since then I haven’t stepped out. That’s because Crossfit has helped me in numerous ways. It has helped me become stronger, not just physically but also mentally. It has helped me learn more about my body and my brain, what I can handle and how to push myself. Coming from a running background, I have learned so much about the ways to get stronger, faster, and fitter. AndRoux Fitness is the right place to do all of these things. It is unique. It is community. It is friendships and fun. It is encouraging one another through the tough moments and leaning on one another for support. I am very thankful I found Roux Fitness and encourage everyone to at least try it. It doesn’t hurt to try! (Although you may be sore the next day).


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