What You Need to Know Now That Your Health Challenge is Over

By January 31, 2018 February 21st, 2019 No Comments

Health and fitness challenges are all the rage these days. Raise your hand if you’ve tried Whole 30, Diet Bet, The Eat Clean Live Clean Challenge, or something similar?

Let me guess, you made the choice to go all in and COMMIT. You feel great, your skin has never been better, you’re sleeping like a champ, and you’re amazed at the inches you lost.

But, now that you’re finished with the structure and the accountability of the program, you’re feeling burnt out.

You decide to treat yourself with “just one” slice of cake, or “just one” trip to the drive-through. You’ve been good for the whole month, right? Balance is important, right?

But “just one” starts to spiral.  

“Just one” turns into the norm, and you’re right back where you started… feeling bloated, tired, and unhealthy.  

So, are challenges a bad idea?

Personally, I think challenges can be a really effective reset and a great tool for learning about healthy choices and achieving short-term goals.

People generally know what to do to get healthy… swap the sugar for vegetables and get moving, right?  But, the motivation to start is a big hurdle.

Challenges are great for that! There’s a start date, an end date, and you learn about strategies for healthy living along the way.

So, why is it so hard to keep the momentum going, and what should you do about it?  

Adjust Your Mindset

A 4 or 6 week challenge is a great jumping off point, but you should view these challenges as the START of a journey.

Sometimes people message me after 3 weeks of vastly adjusting their dietary behaviors and they express frustration that they’re not seeing the change in their body they were expecting.

Real change takes time… way more time than 4 weeks. When the challenge ends, don’t take that as permission to fall back on old habits as a reward for getting through the challenge.  

You’re not doing yourself any favors. Keep going!

Find Your Bigger Reason

We all have reasons why we want to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Do you want to get off your diabetes medication? Do you want to feel energized at work? Do you want to beat the odds getting diagnosed with heart disease since it runs in your family? Do you want to be a positive model for your kids?  

Whatever your reason is, find it and write it down.

“Never give up what you want most for what you want today.”

 –Neal A. Maxwell

What do YOU want most?

Figure Out the Path of Least Resistance

I know that my motivation ends at the grocery store. If unhealthy food makes its way in my pantry, you can forget about me staying away from it.  

Because I know that about myself, when people ask me if I want to take some cake home… my default answer is no because I know that when it crosses the threshold of my house, it’s game over.

Where does your motivation end?

If you can’t stop yourself from eating entire family sized bags of chips… don’t purchase them and say to yourself you’re going to eat “just one” serving.

If you have a hard time with finding the time to cook healthy meals, find a meal delivery service that aligns with your goals and automate it. Take the guesswork out!

If you know that you need accountability to workout, find a gym and a community of people that will notice when you don’t show up. The price of the membership is worth it. There’s a reason those aerobic DVD’s are collecting dust…  

Figure out what what works for you and the path of least resistance to keep your motivation in tact.