Which Diet is Best

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Do I have your attention?

Thrilling. Now that I do, I’m not going to beat around the bush. There is no “best diet”.

Before you get too upset with me, let’s sit down and talk about this like adults. Ok. I’ll do the talking and hopefully you’ll listen. Read. Whatever. You get the idea.

Before we get too far down the metaphorical rabbit hole, I do want to air a personal opinion. And that is that I really don’t like the term “diet”. There are ways of eating that work best for certain people, and changing the way you eat can yield certain results, but the word “diet” makes me a little twitchy. Diet sounds restrictive, like you can’t go out with your friends or never eat pizza. It also feels temporary and it feels ominous, like it is going to be a LOT of work. But if I say, “change your eating habits” or “eating for your goals”, that sounds like something a little more long term that I can handle. For me, I wanted to (and still want to) slowly continue to get stronger and gain a bit of muscle. When I started thinking about what I could eat to help me get there, it felt more positive. I was thinking, “Ok. I can eat all of these things to help me get there.” Rather than, “These are all of the things I have to cut out of my life to reach my goal.” That sounds sad. Well, to me, at least.

I understand that not all people share this opinion, and that’s fine by me. But the word “diet” is used often and attached to a lot of ways of eating, so I will use it moving forward. Talking about the “keto diet” is easier to read and process (and type, frankly) than talking about “keto lifestyle” or eating “high fat, moderate protein, low carb”. Woof, that’s a mouthful.

As a fitness and nutrition coach, I am constantly asked if or told that certain diets are the right ones.

Do I have to do keto to lose weight?”

“Is intermittent fasting the best?”

“I have to eat low carb to cut body fat, right?”

“If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) is the best.”

Any of these could be the right one for you, so I have 2 tips to help you navigate this:

1.Eat Real, Simple, Minimally Processed Foods

If the diet you are looking at is built on consuming mostly supplements, then it isn’t going to work. These are usually incredibly expensive and do nothing to teach you how to actually eat and fuel your body. AND in most cases that I have seen, they lead to a pretty immediate and drastic rebound when it’s all said and done.

2.Stick With It!

We all want to eat well for a day and wake up to results, but you have to give your body time to catch up to your head. If you are trying something new, stick it out for a full 30 days. Track your results, don’t leave it up to your head and what you think you see in the mirror. Our minds can play some serious tricks on us. So do measurements, weigh yourself, maybe figure out your body fat, or use something like a 1 mile timed run before and after. Then stick to your plan and measure all those same things again to see how those numbers moved.

So take a step back.

Think about your goals, your body type, and your lifestyle. If you are a liquor rep, trying to jump into keto (where you need to keep your carbs highly restricted) it probably won’t work for you because part of your job is trying different products. And alcohol would count as carbs. Results usually happen because you went from having no parameters around your diet to putting in that extra 1% effort and thought that we have talked about in other posts. You are bringing intention to your decisions about what you put into your body. It’s not the specific diet that gives you what you are looking for; it’s your goal, the framework, your mindset, and consistency.

I hope this put your mind at ease. But before you go, I have 2 more cool things to mention. We have an awesome InBody 570 Scanner that can help you with tracking your results. You can just head HERE to schedule a scan before you get started and then one after a month. I think it’s not only useful, but fun to see what you’re made of. AND if I didn’t ease your mind and just stressed you out more (whoops!) we have 2 certified nutrition coaches (myself included) on staff at Roux Fitness. Just head HERE to set up a consultation with one of us to talk about you, your goals, and how we can help you get there!

May the force be with you.


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