WTBS: Episode 16; Finding Balance While Staying at the Top of Your Game with Ryan Thibodaux

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We all wear a lot of hats.

We balance our families, our careers, hobbies and things we’re passionate about, and also make the time and do the necessary things to make sure we are fit and healthy.

But what if we stopped looking at it in black and white and understood that what “balance” is one day, might be something different another. What if it was always changing and evolving with us?

On today’s special “With That Being Said”, Bradley sat down to talk to fellow Tiger Band alum, Ryan Thibodaux.

They cover everything from their time in Tiger Band to Tiger Rag Tag, to playing for the Bucktown All-Stars, owning a successful dental practice, being an athlete, how a healthy mouth can be an indicator for your general health, and how it all works with being a husband and father.


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