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WTBS: Episode 18; Learning to Adapt and Thrive in the Face of Change

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What do you do when you’re faced with change?
Do you stand tall and fight it until it wears you down? Or do you ease into it and learn to adapt?
We’ve all been faced with major life changes that have forced us to adapt, to become adjusted to the new things we face. And what you’ve probably learned is that it is never easy, but always made better by maintaining a positive outlook.
Carl Arredondo is an incredible example of how to gracefully adapt to changes out of your control, which is why Bradley Schneller sat down with him for today’s special “With That Being Said.”
They cover everything from Carl’s fitness journey and career, to his diagnosis in 2013, to how he has used it as a platform to teach and try to make things better for those with similar impairments. Oh, and classic rock. When you talk to Carl, you always get a little classic rock.
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