WTBS: Episode 30; Birth Fit with Michelle Gorman

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Every persons journey is different.

Yet when it comes to women and pregnancy and their post-partum journeys, there’s a lot of misconceptions about what it *should* look like.

Between pressures to bounce back and expectations and advice from influencers on social media, the already challenging journey of learning your new body after giving birth can be made even harder.

On today’s epidsode of “With That Being Said”, Bradley was joined by both his co-owner and wife, Emily Schneller, as well as Michelle Gorman. Michelle is certified in many things, but came on today to talk about her certification and work with “Birth Fit”. Michelle explain what Birth Fit is, expectation vs. reality, the process of healing your body post-partum, and much more.

You can also catch the full episode on iTunes and Spotify.

Find Michelle Gorman: Instagram: @michellegdc AND @from.the.ground.up.fitness


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